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,as important as figures are, you should not underestimate the emotional elements in a deal’

Martin Simeon, Owner and Managing Director

MBA, more than 15 years of experience with M&A projects. As longstanding head of M&A of a global travel group, Martin led more than 30 cross-border transactions to successful completion. His experience includes buy/sell-side transactions, managment buy-outs, carve-outs, joint-ventures in Europe, USA, Middle East, Asia and China. From straight-forward structured deals to more complex, multinational transactions.

From numerous negotiations he learned that often financial aspects are not the defining element of a successful deal. Individual needs and personal values are driving decisions and success as well. This experience may be helpful to unwind a deadlock situation. As independent and competent advisor, he will be happy to assist you in your M&A project.


Proven M&A network:

Based on a multitude of M&A projects, a selected network of legal, due diligence and tax advisory specialists has been established. We provide you comprehensive coverage of your needs throughout the M&A process.

Are you interested in obtaining more information about our service offerings? I am happy to meet you personally!